About Me

Chances are you've never heard of me

My name is Vladislav, I am from Ukraine. Tech nerd, green tea lover, huge fan of a bicycle riding, like to take random photos, and in the end, just a human.

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What do I do for the living?

Currently, I am working as a full-time Software Developer, mainly focusing on desktop software development in Rust/C/C++.

While I am developing relatively high-level software for the living, I am also very obsessed with the development of low-level stuff and in my spare time I am slowly progressing in my hardware development skills and embedded software development.

Some of my projects which I proud of


Description: ZX Spectrum retro computer written in Rust
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/rustzx


Description: Rust bindings for AY-3-8910 sound chip emulation library
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/rust-ayumi


Description: Padauk MCU emulator
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/rustzx


Description: Web interface based WiFi AP/STA configuration library for Mongoose OS
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/mg-wifi-web-config


Description: Padauk MCU programmer version with hand soldering in mind
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/easy-pdk-mini

SPL protocol

Description: One-wire protocol specification. Simple to implement in software, minimalistic hardware requirements
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/spl-protocol


Description: C++ template library expired by Rust error handling
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/exl


Description: My work for the Bachelor Thesis - take on distributed multi-machine raytracer implementation. It may look not so beautiful and full of bugs, but at that time in 2018 I was proud of my self.
GitHub: https://github.com/pacmancoder/dcdr